Cantenna - wow!


I made a Cantenna last night, following the stickied thread. I didn’t have an adapter cable, so I cut up the stock 820T2 antenna cable and soldered it to some coax. No filter or amp has been added yet.

First day using the antenna (first HALF of the day, rather), and I’m blown away by the increase in messages and planes seen. My numbers have more than doubled, and it only took me about 20 minutes to make, with things I had laying around the house. I’d encourage anyone on the stock antenna to give this a shot!

I made the Cantenna at around 8pm last night (on the graph below) and was A-B testing it with the stock one until about 11pm. The big jump is after midnight, compared to the previous 24 hour and 7 day readings.


It will be nice if you post some photos of your cantenna and the joint of coax with antenna cable.


abcd567 - Unfortunately I sealed the joint with heatshrink after soldering, so there’s not much to see now. It was a little bit of a pain to solder, and to do carefully, preventing shorts and checking with the multimeter.

The Cantenna’s pretty basic (Adirondack seltzer water!), on the fourth floor balcony looking at the NYC skyline from Brooklyn. There’s about 4’ of coax and 4’ of SDR-antenna cable connected.