Whats happen, I can’t upgrade my data

the website does not show my data one day.

24 hours with same data.


ok the monthly statistical page is being programmed because of trilateration i guess.
thank you.
Merry Christmas

This is actually a configuration error on the FA side for your flightfeeder, I’ve raised an issue to get it fixed.




something is wrong, aircraft seen is growing but rank position doesn’t.



Yesterday on last hour I had 1051 aircraft seen, today I see 174 aircraft , but on
30 Day Ranking I have only 1081 Aircraft Seen, math is wrong,
1051 plus 174 equal 1225.
the other guy is above me has 890 aircraft seen, I have 1081.
why his rank position is more than me?
Many other rank position has less than me and his rank position is more than me.
Sorry about my English, Google helps but not enough.


An picture to ilustrate that.



don’t get me wrong, I want to help find bugs , my comment is good.
Sorry I don’t know the expression.