Can't Find Actual IFR Flight Plans


Used to be able to enter city pair and get recently filed plans for that route… it might be right in front of me and I am missing it, if so then sorry but I used that feature a couple times a week and wonder where it went.

Dan Downs, KCRP


Or use FlightAware flight planning and we’ll plan the recently used routes for you.


It’s under Flight Planning. The direct link is


I found it under Pilot Resources… duh. Thanks guys.



Is it possible to get the cascading menu options on the left side to work from the discussion forums?

I find it somewhat confusing when both look the same and from live tracking, the submenus will pop out, yet from discussion forums, it does not, causing me confusion on “I know I saw it somewhere”. :confused:

Editing to add, can’t get to pilot resources from the discussion forums.


Cascading menus work in the forum fine for me using Firefox.

I actually find the cascading menus to be annoying. I wish there was a delay on them so that when I run my cursor over the menus they don’t automatically open up until 2 or 3 seconds later.

You need to click on flight planning to see the Pilot Resources option.


I agree with David, plus I find that the menus don’t close rapidly enough (or at all) once I’ve moved my cursor away. I’m also primarily using Firefox.


Interesting, I am using MSIE 7.0 at my location so the behavior must be different from browser to browser.

On the left side, what I see under

Live Tracking
Flight Planning
News and Media
Commercial Services
About Fliight Aware

Under I see

Live Tracking
Flight Planning
Pilot Resources
Squawks and Headlines
Commercial Services
About Flight Aware

Bolded is differences between the two links. Can’t upload screenshots since Google photos blocked where I am at. (James, I emailed you the screenshots)

Pilot resources seem to be missing in MSIE 7 under the discussion forums. seems to be missing from the live side of Flight Aware (found in discussion forums)

I am also not a fan of cascading menus for the same reason you and Dami say, getting the timing is difficult at best (it can be adjusted via Windows settings in the win.ini file) but to me, too much sugar for a dime.


Looks like the new menu didn’t make it to the forums; I’ll have someone fix that soon.


If the menus for some reason are not to be the same or functionality may be different, would it be possible to make a variation in the color so it will be clearer to tell that one is in the discussion forum vs the live website?

This would be also helpful for the autocompletion problems in the lookup fields and letting folks know to be sure that the menu should be blue and not the “discussion forum” color variation.


The menu options on the discussion forum have never worked correctly for me using Firefox either (and still don’t as of this writing).

Seems to have been a problem for a while now (2 1/2 years?) :wink:


Mark, I’ve also noticed that the “Flight Tracker” features box, if you will, is wider on the Discussions page, whereas on any other page it is as wide as the cascading menu column. It appears that the orange click buttons are positioned in a manner that widens the “Flight Tracker” column. It causes one to have to tab across to see the entire page. Could this be possibly addressed?


They should be the same menus.

The issue with the menus working in the forums should have been resolved several months ago. The popout menus work in the forums with Firefox here.

It’s a little different visually, but shouldn’t be causing any issues. What browser are you using?



As you note, Firefox, menus work (I am at home) in both the FA tracker live site and discussion forums but they do not work from the discussion forums in MSIE 8.0 (Exact version number it says is 7.0.5730.11)


Don’t work for me with Firefox 3.0.10 on PC with XT. Perhaps there is a difference between the Mac and PC versions. Also don’t work with IE 7.0.5750.13 from the forum but do on the homepage.


I’m using IE7. The wider format of the Flight Tracker column on the Discussions page is a little bit of a pain as I have to lateral scroll to to the right in order to view all text. Where as when viewing the other FA pages they all “fit screen”.