Easy one: flight plan map, or am I missing it?

Maybe I scanned too quickly, but I went through all 10 pages of feature request threads and didn’t see anything that addressed this specifically.

Is there a reason why flight plans aren’t available on a map? I found the mouse-over for “Scheduled.” But why not just make it clickable and have it come straight up on a map for those of us who don’t know the waypoints? I know that it’s not totally predictive, but it seems easy to me to have available at least before take-off.

Thanks for a great site. I use it to see how capriciously my group’s airplanes are used.

capriciously…capriciously…ah, here it is…

capricious (kə-prĭsh’əs, -prē’shəs)
adj. Characterized by or subject to whim; impulsive and unpredictable. See Synonyms at arbitrary.

capri’ciously adv., capri’ciousness n.

Coming soon . . .

That’s what SHE said!

There’s Needle being capricious again.

Flight plan mapping would be awesome.

It would be really awesome if the original IFR route was put on in a different color, and then the track was overlaid on that.

It would also be awesome if I could just dump a path into FA (or something) and have it plot the course. I’m always dissapointed that AOPA flight planner does not do that, I suppose it’s a pay for feature.

FlightAware isn’t a flight planner. It tracks aircraft and doesn’t show what a route that someone enters looks like.


Or try here: SkyVector

You have to admit though Dave, it would be cool to see the route as cleared overlayed with the actual flown route. You can see shortcuts, deviations for weather, etc.

I do admit it would be cool.