Cancelled flight 2020

Hi there, this is from my mums Facebook page;

“HELP how can I prove that our flight home from New Zealand on Sunday March 29th 2020 was cancelled? We checked with Auckland on the day and it was cancelled so we could not travel to the airport. Our travel agents Travelock says it left and they owe us nothing unless we can prove it was cancelled. The airline Swissair are not responding to any of our emails, Auckland airport say they have no records , we have been battling with Travelock any ideas anyone?“

Any help or records would be much appreciated, it was an expensive flight!

Date of flight 29th/03/20
Time 02.35
Flight number 9520 Swiss International Airlines
Arriving Hongkong 29/03/20 09.30
Flight number 0139 Swiss International Airline
Departing Hongkong 29/03/29 11.45
Arriving Zurich 30/03/20 06.10
Flight number 0420 Swiss International Airlines
Departing Zurich 30/03/20 07.15
Arriving Birmingham Bhx 30/03/20 08.00

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