Can this log be correct?


can this log for aa223 on 11/25 be correct? … X/tracklog
it shows the flight up to 36000 after 2 minutes and then a plunge to 6700. My daughter was on the flight and she said it was a very wild takeoff with a sharp climb and drop, but that seems rediculous. (They announced to the passengers that there was a problem with the cockpit computer that caused the rapid climb and drop.)


I am betting they were 3600 on the climb, and it’s an anomaly. Not common, but not that rare either especially on climbs.

I have seen such jumps on my own flights, where it shows the “filed altitude” for one minute or so until things settle down.

Of course my climbs are up to 9000 :smiley: or so.

Looks like that the 36000 was the filed altitude.



Remember…anytime that there is a momentary loss of track reporting, it defaults to the filed altitude. I believe mduell remarked about it somewhere in here recently…