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Can I use my PRI3 and RTL2832u to receive AIS marine info?


Hi guys,

I’ve been receiving ADS-B for a long time, and currently interested in receive AIS signal and upload to either marine traffic or vessel finder.

My question is anyone already did that? any step by step how to configure the rpi to upload info to those website?

From my findings the AIS Dispatcher can do it, but there is no guidline how and the only simply way they offer is to reinstall the system and do some simple configure, but I don’t want to remove the current flightaware rpi system. The best way for me is to install the tar.gz file, but I can’t find way how to configure it.

Hope some one can teach me do that.



I installed their image and it works fine it it’s a very different frequency. An ADSB antenna won’t wok, I used a set of old TV “rabbit ears” as the antenna. It worked fine. But I learned that Marine traffic has a different business model than FA. Marine traffic really doesn’t want a bunch of volunteers feeding them data. So, it was fun to try, but I shut it down.


Interesting, I thought they are like ads-b users and share the data to websites, Maybe I need to change my mind not to digging how to share or use my rpi3 to receive ais signal.



You might want to just test on a separate sdcard if you’re worried about affecting your ADS-B setup.

Also: a single dongle can only tune to a single frequency, so you won’t be able to simultaneously receive AIS and ADS-B unless you add a second dongle.

Also also: if you have a filter tuned for ADS-B in your receive chain (e.g. the prostick plus built-in filter, or an external filter) then that will cause problems with receiving AIS.


The MarineTraffic code does not have include a local map with the ships on it like PiAware. You can see a text listing of ships and positions, but not a map. You have go to the marinetraffic.com website to see their map. Also, ships move too slowly. I found it boring! :slight_smile:



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