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Can I use ADS-B to detect which aircraft my cargo is in?

Hi, does anyone know if I can use the ADS-B signal to detect which plane my cargo is in? As in, if I place a ADS-B receiver in the cargo, can I then identify which plane it is loaded onto?

And since multiples signals overlap in an airport, does that mean I will have to identify the strongest signal…? Is that even possible?

Br, Strimmel

The receiver is receiving, not sending. How do you want to access the data of this receiver?

Even uploading or remote access will not work, as you need a working internet connection for this receiver

Quite right. The data would either be accessed manually at a later time, or sent via cellular (while on the ground).

I mean, if you actually think about doing this, you’ll just have to test on board a cargo plane and check how the different signals behave.

I’m not sure how the antennas are placed and if the plane the cargo is on will have the strongest signal.
You would just have to test those assumptions.

An in regards to identifying the strongest signal:
Build a cheap receiver, doesn’t need to be fancy or have the expensive antennas:

Then you will quickly see what data you get and what data you don’t get.

Ok, I’ll do that.
Thank you!