Call to undefined method SOAP_Fault


I’m getting this error message:
Call to undefined method SOAP_Fault::Scheduled() in (pathname of file) on line 24. Line 24 is where the Scheduled function calls out AAL flights from ORD.

Does anyone see an issue with my code below? I can’t figure it out; and I can’t connect using SOAP to FlightAware… :cry:

header(“Cache-control: private”); //IE 6 Fix
mysql_select_db($database_conn, $conn);
$os = 0;
$airline_count = 0;

do {


    $DirectFlight_Authentication = array(
            'user'          => 'mholm59',
            'pass'          => '***************',

$wsdl_url = '';
$WSDL = new SOAP_WSDL($wsdl_url,$DirectFlight_Authentication);
$soap = $WSDL->getProxy();

// $results = $soap->FlightInfo('UAL1',1);
$results = $soap->Scheduled('KORD',15,"AAL",$os);



Does the sample code work for you?


I had the $wdsl_url wrong…once I copied/pasted it in, it worked fine. I have been away from this for more than a year…did that URL change? The script worked a-ok before…

In any event, its fixed. Thank you.