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Cable Splitter help

Hi all

I have setup today the following
2 pi running updated
1 splitter 2 home made leads
1 lfw antenna 8 section coco hanging out window
1 triple filter amp
im getting im balanced number see picture i did expect some odd mismatch perhaps?
i know its not the best splitter but still im learning
picture before adding amp big imbalance messages

and 2nd picture is with amp before splitter much better but still messages are a mis

so idea’s as to balance leads if you think there not a match 2.5mm dif on 1 length
regards john

As written by obj somewhere else, the dongles themselves produce lots of noise that backfeeds into the splitter and to the other dongle.
Without good separation you won’t get good results.

Why do you need a splitter in the first place?

Also you should probably run a gain of 5 with so much amplification by LNAs.

Indeed. These dollar store type splitters are not very good.

Try Mini Circuits for quality splitters:


A couple of points that may help:

  • PAL plugs are not designed for GHz frequencies. If you can, replace it with an F-type.

  • It may just be lens distortion, but it looks like the output leads from the splitter are misaligned and presumably loose. Try nipping them up with a spanner (not just finger tight).

  • The splitter - You are using it nearly 10% above it rated frequency range. A similar splitter for a satellite system will at least have a claimed range up to 2.5GHz. That said, it is unlikely to be as good as a minicircuits splitter.