Broken window at 34,000



The way that the crew handled the situation was absolutely astounding! After watching a CNN video about the story and the accounts of a passenger on that flight, I was astounded by the continuous updates the pilots were giving the passengers. Those pilots really did an astounding job in both handling the situation but updating the passengers every so often even though they were not required. In this case, the pilots and crew went above and beyond. Here is the link to the CNN video;
I know that I am posting the same video link, but it really is a great way to hear and see what really happened.


That actually happens alot more than you would think. I have seen a number of cockpit windscreens de-laminate and the first ply come completely off. Being in a pressurized airplane and seeing something crack like that is scary but you have to remember in aviation everything is built to withstand 2 and 3 times its normal forces if not more. As long as you only had one ply crack you would be fine. If some crazy event happened and both plys cracked then the window would have cracked and the acrylic would have blown out.