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Both Latitude and longitude of InFlightInfo show 0

I need current location of flight ANA850 for which I’m calling the API -

But in response I’m getting both latitude and longitude as 0.

“InFlightInfoResult”: {
“faFlightID”: “ANA850-1590763527-adhoc-0”,
“ident”: “ANA850”,
“prefix”: “”,
“type”: “”,
“suffix”: “”,
“origin”: “VTBS”,
“destination”: “”,
“timeout”: “timed_out”,
“timestamp”: 1590763527,
“departureTime”: 1590763527,
“firstPositionTime”: 1590763527,
“arrivalTime”: 0,
“longitude”: 0,
“latitude”: 0,
“lowLongitude”: 100.73397,
“lowLatitude”: 13.66869,
“highLongitude”: 100.73397,
“highLatitude”: 13.66869,
“groundspeed”: 0,
“altitude”: 0,
“heading”: 0,
“altitudeStatus”: “”,
“updateType”: “”,
“altitudeChange”: “”,
“waypoints”: “”

Why it’s sending wrong info. Also on flightaware portal the flight is tracked as usual.

That flight happens to be actually operating under the ident of AJX850, which should be a better value to pass to InFlightInfo.

Using ANA850 with InFlightInfo unfortunately returns a fragment of an actual flight due to flight tracking noise in the system.

Is there any API where one can verify the ident before fetchinf details for the flights. ex:- I will send ANA850 and in response it will send AJX850.

Another problem that we face is ANA006 will not work but ANA6 will work.

Is there any API or tool which returns the correct ident for a given flight ident ?

Could you please answer this:
Is there any API or tool which returns the correct ident for a given flight ident ?

Using FlightInfoEx with the ident you are interested in will return a list of several potential future, current, and past flights. Once you identify the correct instance, you can use the faFlightID value returned in that record to reference it by many other functions.

If you find that you still really need the type of latest position information that was returned by InFlightInfo, then you can consider instead the SearchBirdseyeInFlight with a query of “{= fp XXXXXX}” and the faFlightID that you want.