Boeing 737 Technical Question


This question is for anyone who flies, has time in (real or simulated - not MS Flight Sim), or knows the systems of the Boeing 737 (other models may be applicable).

Solely out of curiosity, I was wondering about the mechanical operation of the thrust reverse levers on the Boeing 737 (and likely other Boeing aircraft). In photos, I see the throttle quadrant and a pair of levers extending forward off the main levers. I presume those are for selecting reverse thrust. To select reverse thrust, do these simply move/slide backward? Do they unlock and then move back? Do they have detents?



With one’s palm on the thrust levers the reversers are actuated with the fingers. You would reduce the power to idle, and then pull up and back with your fingers. I’m quite sure there is a mechanism that prevents activation before the power is brought to idle. It is also quite hard to inadvertently do because of their position, you would have to reach up and over the thrust levers.
In this picture (from the right seat) the reversers are the smaller white levers extending forward from the main levers.
The closest lever is the flap lever, the farthest is for the spoilers. (retracted, armed (for landing), and deployed.)


10 points for cfi!! Complete answer to the question (along with a visual aid) in only 20 minutes!! THAT’S how you put a topic to bed. :smiley: