Returning from Europe… … /EINN/KBFI


Going over there it took 9:27, coming back its looking like just under 8 hours, thought it was allways quicker going East ? I see Shannon is closer than Farnborough, but not enough to be that much different in flight time…


Got a, maybe silly, question…
Why do flights from Europe to the US make such an arching flight path? Is it the curvature of the earth you see on the paths? I figure they clip Newfoundland, Gander Islands, but it just seems like they really fly to the north…


it’s the curvature of the earth. they go in a great circle distance - or close to it, taking into account the winds. on the other side of the world you’ll see flights from the usa to asia all go over or close to alaska.


Here you go, have fun.

Got a globe handy? Take a piece of string and connect London and New York City by stretching the string across the globe.