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Blue FA 1090 filter availability?

Surprised to see these seem to be not currently available on the big A. Or am I not looking in the right place for a US source ?

Purchase it from Amazon Canada, it is available there:

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" This item does not ship to your selected location."

Apparently there are blocks in place to prevent me from ordering it to be shipped here.

Buy in the UK, and get the dark blue version:


We had some supply chain issues with our latest order from our manufacturer. It’s arriving over a month and a half later than we expected. As soon as they arrive and go through QA we will be shipping those to Amazon and our wholesalers.

I sincerely apologize for those being out of stock. We will do everything we can to make sure that doesn’t happen again.


@esmathews Thank you for the update !

I never knew that dark version existed! Since it only allows the 1090MHz band through and not both 1090 and 978 like the light blue version, wouldn’t it be preferable for those that only have a 1090 antenna?

I can’t believe FlightAware doesn’t market the dark blue version here in the US!

Meanwhile there are also light blue versions in stock at some dealers which have a sticker for 1090Mhz only on it.

Not sure if the color still is an indicator which version it is.

I’m curious too. I heard about light vs. dark blue before, but assumed it was a version, not a different model. I’m interested if these are available in the US as well.


… and in Canada as well

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FYI I used the link above at The Pi Hut and shipping to the US was very cheap. I paid extra for the 3-day DHL shipping and even that wasn’t bad. I don’t see why they wouldn’t ship to Canada as well.

Color me blue confused. I thought the dark blue was for blocking cell phone frequencies used in Europe but not used in North America.

Actually both the light and dark blue filters filter out unwanted frequencies like those used by cell phones. The difference is that the light blue version also allows through the 978MHz UAT frequency that is only used in the United States. There is no need for that frequency bandpass anywhere else in the world, so the dark blue version was made that only allows the 1090MHz frequency though.

There is still useful application in the US for the dark blue version if you only have a receiver capable of receiving the 1090MHz band. In that case, if you have no need for 978MHz bandpass, the dark blue version actually makes more sense.

USA & Canada have GSM850, but dont have GSM900 / EGSM900. Hence Light Blue is ok.

Europe and most of the world has GSM900 / EGSM900. As Light Blue does NOT remove GSM900 / EGSM900, FA introduced the Dark Blue one which can remove both GSM850 and GSM900 / EGSM900.


For Europe & most of world having GSM900 / EGSM900



For North America, No GSM900 / EGSM900, only GSM850



Thanks for the explanation. It all makes sense.

Still, even if there is no GSM900 here in the US, since I’m not able to receive 978 UAT with my ADS-B receiver, I’d rather have everything except 1090MHz filtered out.

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They do, I bought mine from them. As you said, shipping was reasonable, much cheaper than I usually pay from the US, and gets here sooner, believe it or not. This is why, if not available in Canada, I check in the UK first.

I agree with above. I think personally that one narrow 978 and one narrow 1090 would be the ratons butt and worth the few dollars.

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As stated, some shops are selling a light blue version which does have the sticker of the dark blue one.

So it seem to be not color related any longer

That’s just old stock (or an old photo) before we updated the label.

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  1. It is old lable. I checked my filter which I have purchased in 2016, and it has exactly same lable as in photo you have posted.

  2. The old lable does not say “Bandpass”, whereas the Dark Blue one says “Bandpass”, so you cannot say “it has sticker of the dark blue one”