Blue Angels pilot chases tail, loses gig

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Hmmmmm… I thought the show’s announcer is also a backup pilot who is able to step in and do the show in such situations…


The announcer is typically a pilot in his first season with the team. His aircraft, #7, is the standby aircraft should any of the others develop a problem. However, due to the tolerances and complexity of the display, there is simply no way to keep a “spare pilot” ready to jump in at a moments notice. Beside, he’d have to know the routine perfectly for all 6 slots.


my vote for best thread title goes to killbucky, I think this one takes it!

(This version CORRECTS Corrects wording to note that they were removed from duty. APNewsNow.)

I was hoping they’d “CORRECTS Corrects” the F-18 “Stunt” pilot part.


Thanks for the vote! I was in Pensacola at the Blue Angels’ home base earlier this year and got to see them perform again over the summer. A very talented and professional group…very impressive. This story came as a bit of a surprise to me, but I guess we’re all human, stuff happens…even to the best.


Very true, I’ve seen them perform in the past, as one who can fly single ship at 110kts ok, I’ve gotta respect flying 3 times that speed within inches of the next airplane. I like the Thunderbirds better, although I’d say the Blue Angels are probably a little more edgy and fly a bit closer etc.
But yeah as you said, we’re all human and things happen. I agree.


As you said, they’re only human. Sounds like this was consensual, so they are being dismissed for “conduct unbecoming…” and/or fraternization depending on the rank of the female team member. 1 female officer and approx.22 enlisted. What a way to lose the best flying job you’ve ever had!


and you’re right too, don’t get me wrong, it was human of them, but at the same time, they knew those were the regs. It is a job that a small fraction of pilots ever make it to, just to throw it away.
And the regs are there for a reason, one who pilots, and one who services (no pun intended) an F-18 in one way or another, could make a bad situation when the breakup comes.