Best SDR still Flight Aware?

Sorry i just notcied these replies? Thanks to everyone for the input. Lots of great infomation here im sure. PI it is then… now to find supplies.
Thanks again. Mark

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I would also recommend an RPi with an FA blue Pro Stick Plus dongle - I’ve done extensive testing on a few, including the RTL-SDR silver dongle, the Nooelec dongle and the Jetvision Air Squitter.
The FA PSP+ wins every time for all stats.
Cheap and has the 1090 filter built in, so you don’t need an external filter

Not true at all locations.
External filter is required at RF noisy locations.


Thanks, the FA blue pro it is.

Another question as i know nothing of the Pi computers, whats the advantages of the 4 over the 3 etc. Also does more ram on the board give an advantage of any type? I know my flight feeder thats on its was is a Pi 3 ( not sure on its ram ) but is the higher model worth it?

Just for info my flight feeder is going to work ( as im next to an airport ) and this build one is going home… Can i have 2 Pi’s on one account?

Thanks in advance.

So in theory being next to an airport is RF noisy? as is a built up new development?

Any way to test this in advance?

Not necessarily, but airport VHF / UHF communication may cause RF noise.
Being close to a cell phone, or TV or FM tower is most likely RF noisy.


Best way is to build your station without filter, then test by following methods. If shown noisy, purchase a filter.

(1) Do I Need A Filter?

(2) Spektrum - How-to Speedily Scan RF Noise in band 24MHz ~ 1800MHz



So double filtering would help in such locations? Never knew that :slightly_smiling_face:

As long as you’re running the blue FA stick and you are not using for other purposes a Pi3 is still sufficient. There is no advantage getting more ram or CPU speed.
I was running this solution for > 1 year.

However the 4B is currently not more expensive, so you can take the Pi 4 even if there is not (yet) an advantage for you.

Technically yes, but not at the same time.


Absolutely you can.
Many of us (including @foxhunter ) run multiple sites on a single account.

Oh, i misread that.

For sure you can run several feeders via one account. But only one per ID at the same time


Great so i can run my flight feeder at work near the airport and my home brew job at home…

sounds like a plan… Just trying to find a pi 4 now thats in stock in the UK

Thanks again.

I think that’s currently the most challenging part of your project :slight_smile:

Good luck with that :grimacing:

I couldn’t find them in stock anywhere, so I’ve just bought a used RPi 3B+ from eBay for £40 :+1:

Within a case the Pi 4 can get pretty hot pretty fast. The attached dongle also got too hot for my liking. If you do get one, just keep in mind you may have to deal with cooling issues. I ended up buying an after-market fan and heat sinks to rectify things to my satisfaction.

I had my Pi4 operated with a passive heatsink case for almost a year outdoor. Never had a single issue, even not with temperatures up to 40°C environment

My Pi 4

3 small alluminum heat sinks, no case, (open air).


I am using this one (with an active fan, but disabled most of the time) and it works like the charm.
The whole case is the heatsink, and the Pi is covered pretty well:

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What’s the name of that case or can you post a link?

Mine is from Joy-IT, but the same case is listed in other areas as well with different brand name

If you are going down that path, I like the “full coverage” version
More metal = more surface area = more cooling.