B777 cabin

I have never flown a B777, but I believe it seats nine across each row.

Is it a [3 - 3 - 3] format?

Or a [2 - 5 - 2] format?

The first one makes more sense since it is more evenly arranged. But I remember friend of mine told me once that he sat in the dead center seat of the middle five seats.

What airline? Some are 3-3-3 and some are 2-5-2 in coach.

The original configuration of coach seating in the 777 was 2-5-2. Most airlines have changed it to the more logical 3-3-3 configuration

Airlines with 3-3-3 configuration
Air Canada
Air New Zealand
Cathay Pacific
Jet Airways
V Austrlia

Airline with 2-5-2 configuration

Airlines with 2-5-2 or 3-3-3 configuration

Airline with 2-5-2 and 3-3-3 configuration on the same aircraft

Airline with 2-5-2 or 3-3-3 or (2-5-2 **and **3-3-3) configuration

Some (Emirates, high density Air France/KLM) are 3-4-3.

I prefer the 2-5-2; no double-excuse-me when I have the window.

United is currently all 2-5-2, although they may go to 3-3-3 with the cabin refits next year.

American 2-5-2

Maybe they’ll install relief tubes at each row.


Some (Emirates, high density Air France/KLM) are 3-4-3.

I prefer the 2-5-2; no double-excuse-me when I have the window.

How do they squeeze 10 seats into that cabin, has to be really tight.

By reducing the seat width from 18.5" in the 9 abreast layout to 17" in the 10 abreast layout and reducing the aisles from 19.5" to 17"

The 777 cabin width is only 9" narrower than the 747. Shave a quarter inch off each 747 seat and 3" off each 747 aisle. Skip the double armrest in the middle of the four to recover an inch on both aisles.

But still a 3-4-3 on a 777 has to be uncomfortable, since it’s designed for nine across, but I guess if it is marketable then by all means…

Is the B777 is only aircraft that is nine across? Or will the B787 be nine across as well?

787 will be 8 or 9 across, depending on carrier preference. Initially it was marketed as 8, but some carriers went for 9 to improve CASM.

That was it…it was American Airlines that my friend flew from Tokyo-NRT to Dallas/Fort Worth. He sat in the dead center of the middle five.

I imagine the 2-5-2 version is favored if you’re sitting on either side of the cabin; but if you’re going to be stuck in the middle five, then it’s not so good I guess.

A great website for answering questions such as these is seatguru.com

It’s were I got my initial data.

One thing about the 2-5-2 seating: There was a lot of controversy about this setup when Boeing announced the 777. It was considered a stupid arrangement. I’m just amazed that some airlines still have it.

There’s been a lot of thought put into 3-3-3 vs 2-5-2. It’s pretty interesting, really.

In a 2-5-2, there are fewer people in a middle seat with someone next to them on most flights. Additionally, with 2-5-2, only one person has to get around two people to get to an aisle whereas with 3-3-3, two people do.

People often travel in twos, too, so you can seat four pairs of twos “alone” In 2-5-2 configuration with one empty seat.

For 8 out of 9 passengers on a full flight, 2-5-2 is better than or equal to 3-3-3

However, for that 1 passenger, it is much, much worse.

My friends just returned from Hawaii. He was glad to be able to finally ride on the 777. He was not glad that he had the middle seat of the 5!

FWIW, this exact reason is why when traveling with someone else in coach on Continental, I prefer the B764 (2-3-2) over the B772 (3-3-3).

FWIW further research into the dreaded 3-4-3 seating configuration reveals the following airlines that fly said config:

Air France
Austrian Airlines

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They have always been 6 across for me? 2, 2, 2.