Average flight durations between airports worldwide


Does anyone know where I could find information on average flight durations of commercial airlines between all the major airports of the world?

This is the kind of information format I am looking for:

London LHR to Boston = x hours
London LHR to Dubai = x hours
London LHR to Paris CDG = x hours
Boston to Dubai= x hours
Boston to Paris CDG = x hours

Any help much appreciated. If neccesary, I have a small budget to purchase this data but I would prefer to collate the information myself if someone could point me in the right direction.

Many thanks in advance. All help much appreciated.

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Have you tried looking at the travel sites such as Expedia or Travelocity? You could easily determine the data from those and related sites. Many times they even include the duration so it would just be a matter of adding up the times and dividing to get the average.

www.kayak.com is another good one. You can sort and filter a little better than the other travel sites.

Goto Great Circle Mapper. There you can input your departure and destination and it will give you the great circle route. You can also input speed and there’s your answer. Now remember that it doesn’t take into account wind or exact routing. But it might help you a bit. I always add about 10% to cover taxi-out/in.

It’s not an exact science. Some of the airline websites will tell you how long a flight is including all the layovers.

Good luck

Are you looking for block time (airline schedule time) or actual flight time?

Thanks to everyone who has made suggestions so far. :slight_smile:

To mduell: I guess either would be okay as long as I use the same measure across all flights.

Block time is far easier to get, via any of the websites above or matrix.itasoftware.com/