Automatically following aircraft with camera

With our receivers, it should be relatively straightforward to set up a robotic camera mount to aim an outdoor camera at a nearby aircraft. Has anyone here made the effort to set up such a rig? If so, what hardware did you use?

Not directly answering your question, but I did make efforts in my own Python ADS-B GPS position ‘logger’ code to include azimuth/elevation of the aircraft positions. Then if, someday, I would actually have the skills/equipment to drive some hardware servos with a camera, that I would have the data I needed. I also have a spare iOptron motorized telescope mount with USB connection – and I very much would wish that someone would use the published protocols so that I could use that to mount and move a camera :slight_smile:

I knew I’d seen something related to this previously so a quick Google : … roduction/

Cool. Thanks. I think my favorite part was the bees.

If I do a project like this (likely), I’ll probably try to add some smoothing. I’ll probably also add some smarts to prevent the camera from looking directly into the sun. I have enough air traffic that I can usually find something not near the sun. Also a database of visual obstacles (my neighbor’s tree)… This could probably be a simple 2-dimensional (azimuth/elevation) avoidance map.