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Automatic cross reference for non ADS-B

When watching the local Dump1090 web interface, for ADS-B compliant aircraft, it looks up the flight number or N number for the transponder. For non-compliant ADS-B aircraft, the transponder isn’t automatically cross referenced to the aircraft’s N number.

Is there an easy modification to get all aircraft cross referenced?

There is no look up done by Dump1090. The aircraft data you see comes from the aircraft. If the crew does not enter the flight number/registration number, it does not get sent in the aircraft data messages.


The ICAO (hex) value is either programmed into the transponder via a maintenance mode or
programmed by configuration pins on the units connector. Flight ID can be set by the pilot if he/she
has the option.

Jan 1, 2020 the data may be much better in the USA.

garmin.com/us/intheair/ads-b … p-for-adsb


Well, this sounds like a somewhat simple modification. With Flightware’s modifications and the link to F/A appearing next to flight number, I assumed there was database referencing.
The FAA’s registration database is available to download. There could be a scripted process to look up all those missing registrations.