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Attach Pro Stick to RPi with a short USB cable


Hi all, I’ve had a Pro Stick for a some time now and while problems have been few, whenever there is a problem it’s been a bit of a pain to get it sorted due to the USB ports being unusable because of the chunkiness of the Pro Stick.
I also use Putty but if there is some sort of connection issue, that option goes out the window. So I’m wondering if I can attach the Pro Stick to my RPi via a short USB 2.0 cable and if there will be any decrease in performance because of this?
Apologies if this has been asked before, I did do a search but didn’t find any similar topics.


I use a 12cm USB 2.0 cable between my RPi and the Pro Stick for exactly the same reason.
I have not experienced any problems with this setup at all.


Great! Thanks, much appreciated.


I’m in a similar position as you, not enough room to fit the Pro Stick into the Pi. Have been using a 12inch USB 2.0 cable for a while now and not seen any drop off regrading performance. Also I would like to think there is a benefit in this small separation with better heat dispersion.


Several weeks ago I added a 6" USB extension to my FlightAware SDR so I could also access other USB ports on the Pi to later allow me to add APC UPS monitoring and control (apcupsd) .
According to RPi-Monitor, in moving the FlightAware SDR slightly away from the Pi, I saw in a 3 Celsius drop in average Pi temp. Certainly a win-win situation !


I have tested with a 32 ft USB extension cable, and it worked fine. Ran it for a week no problems.

I decided against sending a USB cable to the roof tho. I’m now using ethernet to roof and I’m using a 1 ft USB cable between RPi and the FlightAware SDR in my outdoor box.


Thanks everyone for putting my mind at ease. The added bonus of lower temps would definitely be welcomed!


That’s impressive, but I assume you are not using a fan on your Pi?
My Pis show a 10~13C drop in temp when a low speed fan (12V fan @ 5V) is added.

Several people here have reported using USB extension cables without performance degradation, but I have not found one that doesn’t impact my results. You’ll need to get a cable and test it before you can be sure you’ve got a good one.