ASA 134 Scare

Last night, Tues 4/26…I flew on ASA 134 ANC to PDX…about half way I could see a plane in the distance flying parallel to us…after a while I noticed it seemed to get closer and closer, and eventually really close and then flew above us…seeming to be going faster. I could see the contrails and the same blinking lights as our plane. Scared me very much…Thoughts?

Objects you see in the sky around you in a plane always seem much closer than they are. This question gets asked here occasionally. Here is a quick answer from a USA Today
interview with an airline pilot that hits the high points on the answers to this question.

Bottom line is: what you saw was another airplane with standard or better separation from yours. … s/2081575/

Here is a search of the forums for “separation” that has the same run of answers: