Arrival Time on Webpage, does it update?

I’m tracking a flight. Set up an alert to let me know when it’s 15 minutes away from landing and when it lands. I never get the alert for it being 15 minutes out because the entire time the flight is in the air, the estimated arrival time doesn’t seem to update. Just some simple math on my end estimates the plane would be flying at 3 knots in order for it take 35 minutes to fly 2 nautical miles which is physically impossible. The airline itself updated the time twice in the last 15 minutes. The page updates the time and distance consistently except the estimated time is not close to reality. So my question is when does the estimated time update? Or does it ever? It ended up landing at 4:40pm EDT for this flight. 35 minutes earlier than predicted.

Even if I selected 45 minutes away from landing, it would actually have been less than 20 miles out and probably 10 minutes or so to land? Just wondering if this is a feature or a bug? :smiley:

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