Are these sites real - SITES 9376 5767

or does it have a side feed from a remote far away receiver? most traffic from highest distance, very high message rate and stunning low mlat traffic makes me wonder …

You can send him a message and ask :wink:

i know :slight_smile:

this site also seems not to be one receiver location:

just wondering how long it will take until the first airhead refeeds the whole adsb-exchange stream to flightaware …

I have seen a similar situation on Radarbox24 where a station appeared to have a range of 699nm. Combining data sources for personal usage is interesting but nothing to feed anywhere.

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It looks the same as my experience at Wunderground (weather reporting network) when they made a deal with Netatmo to have the wunderground client installed as default on the Netatmo weather stations.
Wunderground sacrificed data quality for quantity, for them the idea of reaching more places was more important as the quality of data so we had situation when at 8 at the morning a station near mine reported 40°C and mine 21°…
I decided to stop the upload to Wunderground because I invested too much money and time to have a weather station that runs with a 0,3°C median error in 24 hours compared with the official local station, dropped from map by an moron that has no idea where and how an outdoor sensor has to be placed.

Personally I would love to see a comment from Stuff on this kind of stations, so long nobody is saying “NO! Its not allowed” everybody can do it.

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yes :slight_smile: but i do not think that this would corrupt flightawares data in any way - it’s just stupid to do things like this as a site in my eyes means one geographical location. anyways i’m still not 100% sure that above mentioned sites do this but i have a suspicion …