Anyone flying from Tallahassee to Jacksonville in August

I was wondering if anyone will be flying from Tallahassee to Jacksonville in Early August. I am going home for a few weeks and would love to tag along with anyone flying over there so i dont have to make the drive.

Thats a 2.5 hr drive, not exactly a long haul.

Could be his car isn’t in the greatest of shape. I know I wouldn’t drive that far if there was even only a 10% chance the car wouldn’t make it.

I’m skeptical we can ever estimate that kind of probability correctly for ourselves. I once lost a car that I had felt pretty good about – water pump, on I-70 in western Colorado. So something can bite you quite unexpectedly either way you go. Ya know, if that pelican has your name on it, buddy, just say goodbye… :wink:

Personally I think he was just bumming a ride in a plane. :slight_smile:

But a good excuse to fly if the chance is there!

You could try Pilot Share The Ride. There’s a similar service on the Net somewhere, but I can’t remember it right now.

You could also go to the Tallahassee airport and post a note on the bulletin boards of the terminal and various FBOs there.

Amen to that!

I can’t remember the last time I have driven over 1.5 hours since getting my instrument rating!

I have yet to drive to my sisters in Alabama. 1.5 hour flight vs 4 hour drive ONE way. Kinda a no brainer in my eyes.