Anxiety or Panic Attacks

Anyone ever have an anxiety or “panic” attack while flying (aside from an in flight emergency)?

Care to discuss it if so?

No but I’m sure I’ll have one on the ground this day (deleted website realized that it was way too personal)

December 10th 2010 I get married was what I’m referring to.

If you want to see the website PM me.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Dang funny flyboy. Congrats on your getting hitched. :wink:

If anyone says yes follow these directions.

1.) Remove you pilots license from your wallet.
2.) Remove envelope from overhead cabinet.
3.) Remove scissors from desk drawer.
4.) Cut pilots license in half.
5.) Insert license into envelope
6.)Mail to:
Oklahoma City, OK

No no no no. Just get a sport pilot license.

Oh, okay. That’s very true.

Frank Holbert

Yes, No, you’re an insensitive jerk Frank.

thats not insensitive. he is being very sensitive to the 300,000,000 million other Americans that don’t want to be siting in their home and have a plane come thru their roof from a pilot that is not fit for duty. Thank you Frank for being sensitive for the health and safety of the general public, and the needs of the many not the needs of the few.

I’m not talking about a chronic problem (not a weed addiction either), I was referring to a singular event. I would think it wouldn’t be that uncommon given that half the population is on xanax or similar drugs these days. I understand that most would be unwilling to discuss it, but I figured I would throw it out there and see if it stuck.

I once had to peee really bad in a 172 and had a girlfreind with me…field was 5 miles out and i was at 4500 agl. And no little johnny. Couldnt hold it anymore, So I just relieved myself. That was a warm feeling. Would that count under anxiety? Cant understand why the girl never answered my calls after that.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: When I do fly, I am always gonna have my johnny boy with me. :laughing:

Y’know, that was probably the right move. We’ve all been stuck in traffic, or on a highway where the exit isn’t close, and, if it doesn’t create a panic, your mind starts focusing on that problem, which leads you away from rule number 1, flying the plane. Yeah, it’s a mess, and probably embarrassing, but at least you’re able to concentrate on flying the aircraft.

The OP didn’t specify the panic attack or anxiety had to occur while you were the one driving!

Thanks a lot deef! Now we have ads for panic attack or anxiety attack prevention!


Truth be told, that is why I asked the question, I saw an ad here. :laughing:


An FYI for the future.
Unlatch the door, but don’t open it. let loose very near the aft door jam and the venturi effect is like a relief tube. Easier to wash the outside than the upholstery. (I have not done this, but I have emptied water bottles this way, only to refill and relieve)

That is funny, but might work! :laughing:

Being shot down and surviving tends to make one a tad jumpy the next few times one goes up, regardless of whether you’re the driver or just cargo.

I don’t consider a transient heightened sense of self-preservation to be sufficient cause to tear up a ticket.

Probably an over reaction on my part Frank, mea culpa.

You think?