Antonov An-225 Mriya


Has anyone been lucky enough to see this beast? Not me


There was an AN125 at IAD last week when I landed there. Never seen the 225 though, what a beast!


Quite a tail span, isn’t it?


Quite a large everything!


Kinda’ like ME! :wink:


I was going to say “Lucky Mrs An125”…but I didnt go there! :slight_smile:


That would have been an Antonov An124


There’s only 1 AN-225 flying. There is another one being prepared for flight but that probably won’t happen in for another few years.

The AN-225 was orginally desgined to carry the Soviet Union’s version of the space shuttle much like NASA uses a 747 to carry the USA’s space shuttles. The AN-225 made only one flight with the shuttle on top of it.


I stand corrected…and hunching a little.