Antenna on top of house


Can you use television antenna to install ADS-B on top of house
Will android system work as well

Could some one give me a list of all Items needed to run android with samsung S4 or a android tablet.


Start here for your galaxy s4 or android tablet.

You will want to build an antenna for your tv mast.
There are a number of good threads on building antennas and several types.
Start simple is always a good idea

This is a good thread on antennas.

You will probably want to use rg6 (satellite tv cable) to connect to your mast.
You will need a pigtail adaptor to connect the rg6 cable to the dongle (receiver).

something like this.


I have a TV antenna mounted inside my attic. It works great for the digital TV stations in the area, though I don’t use it normally because we have cable TV…

So I thought I’d see what it did for my ADS-B reception…bought a adapter for the coax and hooked it up. I let the receiver run for a couple days… My stats dropped dramatically over the stock expandable antenna that came with my receiver.

I also bought a cheap $5 “ADS-B tuned” antenna off E-bay. It looks like one of those old car phone antennas they put on your window in the 90’s. It doesn’t appear to work any better than the included expandable antenna either.


A number of issues – first the DTV antenna frequency response should drop off well below ADS-B at 1090 MHz (if the DTV antenna is designed properly). Second, DTV signals are horizontally polarized, where ADS-B is vertically polarized. Those two factors should cut the ADS-B signal by 30 dB or so.

You could try changing the antenna orientation to make it vertically polarized, and pointing in the direction where you normally see a lot of aircraft. That might give you coverage of that area, but again, the frequency response of the antenna should cut ADS-B signals significantly.

Look at the antenna threads on this forum – the “doubled my coverage” one for example, and try building one of the simple antennas described therein, such as a cantenna or “spider” ground plane. Those both work a treat.

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have a look at ads-b-flight-tracking-f21/easy-groundplane-antenna-with-f-connector-t27858.html

It tells you how to make a real simple antenna for pennies - its less that 6" tall.

What will make the most difference is getting it higher than the roof and if possible a clear sight to the horizon (away from trees) … assuming no nearby cellphone towers