Antenna Locator Site?

This site:

was interesting in the fact it at least located (if not detailed) what most antenna towers were around a location. It looks like it’s dead now? Is there another type of service like it?

I looked at this site…not sure it’s legit:

I’m in that area, yep. Reason is I’m struggling to see if I need the filter installed or not. If I put it on, my counts seem to drop 10% or more which, based upon all the cell towers in my area, seems quite opposite to what I should be seeing?


What type of device are your using RPI1/2/3, odroid etc? What code? STD SD card or another image. Self compiled Piaware 2.x or 3.x. FA or Mut version of dump1090 etc?
Are you using the FA filter or some other filter? if other, which one?
What type of dongle are you using?
What is the gain set to?
Have you optimised the gain to ensure you get the best results?

Most sites are different. I have a setup with the FA 1.0 Dongle, Cavity Filter, LMR400 and DPD Antenna.
I had to cut the gain back to 38 to get the best results. If I don’t have the filter, my aircraft count goes from 200 down to 2, so I need the filter badly.

I’m at rPi, Piaware 2.X, FA ver 1090. No filter (have it, don’t use it), FA Pro Stick, max gain. rPi3 on the way so I’ll upgrade to Piaware 3x soon.

I’ve tried to fool with different gains but in the end, maxing it out seems to be best which leads me to believe I’m in a low interference area.

You must be inundated with RF being in/near the city…up here in the Upstate NY sticks (well sort of, originally from the Adirondack Mountains) I was just feeling out if I was at risk in a hostile RF environment.


Yes, a lot of noise in NYC. I use cavity filters (~8Mhz 3db bandwidth).
I can see cell antennas on apartments a block away.

No idea how many radars there are around here. They are well inside the FA bandpass filter.

Piaware Version 3 has a much better decoder. I have seen stats increase considerably after the upgrade on numerous sites.