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Antenna For FlightAware ProStick Plus

Does anyone have any links to reasonably priced indoor antennas that I can use with FlightAware ProStick Plus? Ideally on Amazon or somewhere that ships to New Zealand.

I guess you find the Flightaware Antenna too pricey? It works just as well indoors :slight_smile:

Anyway building yourself quick-spider or cantenna is probably among the cheapest and best options.

You can also try this antenna on ebay: https://www.ebay.de/itm/1pcs-ADS-B-PCB-Antenna-1090MHz-Antenna-SMA-female-Antenne-CASE/253915016420
Note you will need an SMA male to male adapter and a SMA cable.

Is this the one you meant? https://www.amazon.com/1090MHz-ADS-B-Antenna-66cm-26in/dp/B00WZL6WPO, don’t I need to buy a cable and some other connectors with that?

You need a cable for basically any antenna.

And yes you linked the excellent Flightaware Antenna.
(for the Flightaware antenna for example this cable will do:https://www.amazon.com/Low-Loss-Coax-Extension-Cable-Ohm/dp/B015ML4566/)

For Beginners - How-to Connect FlightAwareAntenna, Filter and Pro Stick - Connectors and Cables Required


Isn’t the FA outdoor bundled with a coax plus other mounting accessories?

I don’t remember buying any additional cable. (Pardon any memory lapse on my part) The supplied length was just adequate for the connection to the RPi mounted in a sprinkler box on the patio wall. Of course, individual requirements may vary and then the right length of cable would have to be procured.


Not if you purchase antenna directly from Flightaware/Amazon.

The bundles are sold by 3rd parties at hefty prices.

Here is a search result at Amazon

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile: One last question, will the items in screenshot below work with each other out of the box or will I need some form of connector?


it’s hard to see on that picture what that dongle has for a connector but probably SMA.

the antenna has an mcx connector and the dongle an SMA connector so that wouldn’t connect.

edit: i checked the radarbox store and the dongle doesn’t even state what connector it has.

the antenna says it has an mcx connector but the picture shows an SMA connector.
maybe contact the store and tell them :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the clarification. Rgds.

The RadarBox FlightStick seems to have a SMA connector

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We have a retailer in Australia which I believe will ship to NZ. https://www.buyraspberrypi.com.au/shop/flightaware-5dbi-66c-26-inch-1090mhz-antenna/

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Anyone ordering Flightaware antenna for the first time, will benefit from reading this:

For Beginners - How-to Connect FlightAware Antenna, Filter and Pro Stick - Connectors and CablesRequired