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Announcing the new 978 MHz antenna!

Having similar outcomes on site 101026. I’ve dedicated a pi with Orange FA receiver and 978 antenna next to my 1090.

I have a few unicorns out there at 200+ miles …

I turned down gain last night to 30. I haven’t taken the next steps yet in tuning my gains …not exactly a lot of signals out there.

My next steps will be dictated by the next several weeks…my site is rather new…I’m operating in an attic and have moved my radios and Pi’s into conditioned space to drop the heat.

I don’t know how much 978 traffic we will have around DC…

My second SDR + FlightAware filter + antenna will arrive on Saturday, waiting for new release to start 978 MHz experiments!

BTW, is that ok to use NooElec NESDR Smart + FlightAware filter without any amplifiers?

Also the filter is 980-1150 actually, while UAT is 978, two less than filter allows, is that allright?

It’s not a hard cutoff, you might have a little more loss than at 1090 but it should be OK.

OK - Yesterday I got the new antenna, coax, filter, and Orange receiver.

Both of my antennas are up at ~ 45’ and both the existing blue receiver and the new orange receiver are plugged into my Pi.

When the version that will support 2 receivers releases, what will I have to do?

Will my Pi detect the new version and download it automatically?

Once it downloads / installs, will there be a separate setup page / tab for the 978 side?

We’re not quite ready to officially support two receivers on one Raspberry Pi yet. We’re not pushing 3.7.1 updates either. If you want to upgrade go to your stats page, click the gear icon in the top right of the page and send the device command “Upgrade and restart PiAware”.

Finally, if you want to switch to 978 there’s instructions on how to do that here: Announcing PiAware 3! (Latest version: 3.7.1)

Version that supports two receivers is already out, it’s 3.7.1
I am running two receivers now. You will probably need powered USB hub or you may lose performance with two dongles.

Here is how to do this:

Is there an easy way to see how many flights my 978 antenna is picking up? I’m have two receivers on one Pi right now. Do I need to request a separate site so I can see separate results from my 1090 antenna?

That is the simplest thing, if you have a separate Pi to run it on.

(Technically, you can run two separate piaware instances on a single Pi - but the setup for that is not really documented at all)

Let us try this :slight_smile:

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Installed the flightaware 978 antenna yesterday and have two contacts already:


Guess the antenna works! :slight_smile: Maybe a fluke that two aircraft (or the same one twice) just happened to be in the area, will see what shows up next few days.


Also possible an aircraft ran dual mode…I get them quite a bit…the random 978 that’s reporting in at FL38 :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


Distance is right for GFK, however I wasn’t present at the time to see the aircraft on the map. Could be dual mode, at least I am picking up the 978 side.


It’s a busy morning here.

I’ve wondered about my 978 performance as well. Still have my reservations but I’ve also done just about everything I can to optimize it.

I’m running the FA978 antenna with a light blue filter.

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Mine is not well optimized right now. It’s only up about 20ft on a mast beside the house roof and trees block the horizon somewhat. Been planning a trip up the tower to install the antenna and feedline for 978 but never get a spare moment or weather is an issue (40mph winds today). I am thinking a pre-amp would help too so might set something up before final install. I am using the light blue filter as well. Afraid the broadband pre-amp I have might cause more noise even with the filter. Will have to try and see how it works I guess.

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There is an 978 MHz amp by uputronics i believe but it’s 40 pounds i believe.

Not sure if you could get a SAW filter for 978 MHz, probably only available for specialist supply prices.

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Thank you @wiedehopf
Yes I now see Uptronics has a 978 pre-amp, didn’t see that before. Already have the ceramic uptronics pre-amp/filter on my 1090 line on the tower. Works well.
Have problem signals at 912-920Mhz (cell?) and lower down at 870MHz, local control channel for Motorola trunking system. Might try to build some “medium” Q notch filters for these using feedline stubs… maybe then the broadband pre-amp would be ok. Lots of fine tuning required though. So easy just to purchase one. :slight_smile:


If you have the funds it sure is the best way to get a proven system.

Antenna is great

Running NooElec SMART, FA filter drum, and it’s set up on my balcony not too high, and area is not very GA busy.

978 Results 30 Days
The 978 system has been running for six weeks and as the spring flying weather improves, and the 1/1/2020 ADS-B deadline approaches the 978 traffic builds.
On a nice weekend 100 to 200 airplanes show up, almost all within 100 miles. Trailing 30 day count:


I live in Seattle and travel to Alberta almost monthly. I can order one and ship to you inside Canada if that works.