Allegent takeoff aborted in Medford, OR


An Allegent Airlines flight from Medford , OR to Las Vegas, NV ground aborted it’s takeoff shortly after 9 AM Pacific Time on Nov. 11,2011. It appeared to have an engine failure during the takeoff roil. The pilots were able to stop the aircraft but severely overheated the brakes. It sat on the taxiway surrounded by fire rescue crews for 20-30 minutes before returning to the vicinity of the terminal to allow passengers to disembark. Medford’s runway 32/14 was closed for about an hour to allow ground crew to pick up what speared to be debris from the engine


Try November 3, 2011 as shown below:

After a noise, pilot aborts takeoff on flight from Medford to Las Vegas
Medford, Ore. — After a loud bang, the pilot of an Allegiant Air flight building up speed to take off on a flight from Medford to Las Vegas hit the brakes and aborted the flight.

Medford airport spokeswoman Kim Stearns told the Mail Tribune ( ) an engine problem was likely the cause of the sound Thursday morning. She says debris was scattered on the runway.

The paper said 145 people were aboard.

The plane spent 20 minutes on the runway while the brakes cooled and firefighters stood watch. Then it returned to the terminal to let passengers off.

An Allegiant plane from Phoenix was heading to Medford to pick up the passengers.

Source: The Republic
Replacement flight: … /KIWA/KMFR