Alert on airborne


I’ve checked the Alert function but it seems that it’ll only work for commercial airlines with a flight plan.
I would like to track a helicopter based on the tail sign once it’s airborne, I wonder is this can be done either globally or on a local Piaware flightfeeder?


FlightAware alerts can be set for “ad hoc”/position-only aircraft, i.e., not flying on a flight plan/schedule. You will get “spotted in flight” alerts. Make sure you have enabled “position-only” flights in your Account settings.


OK I’ll try it out with one of the helicopters that flies around the Grand Canyon with tourists.
When setting up an alert there’s a section called “where should we send the alert”, here I have 4 options:
On the flight
Operate the flight
Meeting the flight
Does this matter for the ad hoc mode?


Setting it to “Meeting the flight” will generate all possible alerts.