Alaska Cancels flights because of Mount Redoubt Erruption

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Per, the airport (ANC) is closed until at least 3pm today (Sunday).

ANC reopened on Sunday but flights have been canceled/delayed intermittently as Redoubt occasionally spews ash into flight paths, although ANC itself hasn’t received any new ash fall since Sunday. NOAA is posting volcanic ash advisories here, although the forecasts aren’t particularly useful (i.e., right now they’re not predicting any ash advisories for this afternoon, but that will obviously change if there’s another ash emission).

For anyone interested, the Anchorage Daily News put together a short video showing how the ground crew at ANC are using their snow-removal knowledge and applying it to ash removal.

KSEA has been getting the boon of their freighter reroutes. I’ve never seen so much heavy traffic at Seattle before. In fact, I don’t recall ever seeing 3 747-400Fs arrive in sequence there before, but it happened on Sunday.

The Port of Seattle reported they’re seeing as much freighter traffic in a day that they usually see in a week. Korean has upped their arrivals, China Airlines Cargo as well. EVA is flying in MD-11’s and 747F as well as Asiana, Kalitta and Polar. Its been a great week for local spotters.

What a great shot!!!

Poor rampers must be frantic by now! :smiley:


I’d say they are going nuts IF they had to down load them all…but on the flip side that is some good OT if they do. I’m sure Swissport fuel is happy to pump all thet JetA :wink:

I do agree that is a cool pic.

I was spooling through the departures from KSEA since all these heavies had been in, and can not seem to find the departure for the NH bird at the front of this heavy line in the pic…I am guessing that is a B767F?

For the record it’s “Alaska Airlines” NOT Alaskan as the thread title suggests