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Airspy Mini Firmware Check

Is there a command or procedure for verifying the firmware on an Airspy Mini ?

Received a Mini today from Airspy.us and currently running at -m12.
No problems. Gain at 20.


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I’m not familiar with the commands, if any, but if you install SDR#, the AirSpy software, the firmware is shown under the radio tab.

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Mine is also 1.37.

That’s the program version for airspy_adsb, not the firmware version.

Anyway the firmware hasn’t changed in a while, so you’ll have the most current firmware.
If you really want to check, using SDR# on a Windows PC is the easiest option.

What’s your antenna/LNA setup?

These are my Airspy Mini particulars using “airspy_info” command.

airspy_lib_version: 1.0.9

Found AirSpy board 1
Board ID Number: 0 (AIRSPY)
Firmware Version: AirSpy MINI v1.0.0-rc10-3-g7120e77 2018-04-28
Part ID Number: 0x6906002B 0x00000030
Serial Number: 0x26A464DC28913A93
Supported sample rates:
6.000000 MSPS
3.000000 MSPS
Close board 1

Yes, that is the latest version.

My setup.

FA Antenna ( 34’ AGL, 628’ MSL )
35’ TM LMR400 - N to SMA
NMRF FBP-1090s Filter ( Have also used a FA 1090 filter - NMRF filter was a slight bit tighter in filtering )
Uputronics SWA LNA
Airspy Mini
USB Extension cable 3’ ( will be switching to a 6” cable tomorrow )
Wired network connection
LNA and Pi powered by MeanWell RD-50A power supply. Output voltage of 5.2 vdc.

Airspy Mini and Pi each have an AC Infinity 80mm fan sitting atop for cooling.

PiAware sd-card image 3.7.1
Airspy auto install script
FR24 feeder
OpenSky Feeder
tar1090 graphs

Gain of 20
Sample rate of 12
MLAT is good.

Cannot get MLAT with sample rate of 20.
No dropped samples at 20.

Separate Pi3B running VRS
Separate Pi3B running MM2