Airspy headache (new feed)

FlightAware sees both PiAware feeds on “Claim Feeds” page
No indication of presence of Airspy feed (RPi3) on feeder page

piaware-status command reports:
dump 1090 is not running
faup1090 is running
piaware is running
dump1090-mutabi is listening for connections on port 30005
faup1090 is connected to port 30005
piaware is connected to FlightAware
dump1090-mutabi is producing data on port 30005

What should I be checking for errors?

Airspy can be a real pain to setup. It took me a few days to get mine to work well. I had to remove dump978 and other stuff because it used so much CPU.

Look at my setup

It should help you get it to work.

You will need an amp. I used the Nevis Ceramic one but the non-ceramic one should be fine.

PM me if you need more details.