Airshow Argentina Rans S-9 loses wing - BRS chute deployed


Google Translation;

A small plane lost a wing, caught fire and crashed during an air show this Sunday (15th) at the airport from the city of El Trebol, Argentina.

Dino Molina, 22, who piloted the aircraft Rans S-9 Chaos, was not injured. Speaking to Radio 2 from Argentina, said he only got scared when he saw the fire on the aircraft.

He saved his life by pushing the eject themselves ballistic parachute. The aircraft also had a parachute attached to it during the fall.

“It’s the first time I use a parachute,” said the young man, relieved. “Now you be calm,” he added.

"I do not understand how this happened. The plane is new, Dean said when asked about the reasons for the accident.

The pilot said he began to take a course in aviation pilot’s license at the age between 16 and 17 years. His older brother and his father are pilots.

The fact

About 3,000 people were at the airport and were impressed with what was a strange pirouette in the air, but nobody imagininaba an accident would happen.

According to the newspaper 'El Trebol Digital, "The plane lost a wing, and quickly, the pilot activated the ballistic parachute system that had the plane.

The aircraft about 500 meters west of the public sector and caught fire. Firefighters rescued the pilot and extinguished the flames.

The air show 2010 El Trebol had three aircraft Rans S-9 Chaos. Before, during celebrations of the Bicentennial, these aircraft were a major player among the events that took place in Buenos Aires.


From the article: “I do not understand how this happened. The plane is new”

Maybe because it is a kit built plane, not a certified aircraft? Sometimes small details get overlooked. Like wing bolts.


Good thing the chute deployed correctly with the aircraft spinning like that. :wink:


More video . . .


negative G’s! Those outside loops and turns.
Looks like the BRS worked well,


I am trying to envision what the air was doing over the wing.

Why did the wing snap up relative to the ground while he pulled up in the inverted position? Was it the momentum of the plane causing it to snap up relative to earth?

I would have thought the opposite (wing snap down) since he was pulling out.


Think about which direction of flight the aircraft is attempting to attain, then envision the forces that are at work given the center of effort.

Give me a single-spaced page of your precis by EOW today.

This will count for 10% of your final grade.


OK, single space it is, guess better
then all caps Final answer, go with one’s instincts
and not think so hard = momentum or brute force overcomes all airflow over wings

Do I pass!:smiley: