Airport Updates

I have been watching Large Corprate Jets go in and out of my local Airport but none of them show up on the Airport Summary ???

And what is your local airport?

Local Airport is KBEH

In the arrivals section, click on the word “more.” Ditto for the “departures” area.

possibly blocked = no tracking

Any more specific details?

Not sure what you mean? Do you mean the aircraft is blocked: See
Talking about UK aircraft? See

It’s always much easier to research a question if a specific flight or airport is given.

Possibly blocked TAIL number so no tracking available. You might miss a tasty Gulfstream through ‘Nbarred’
A quick check of another tracker (sorry) doesnt reveal any biz in KBEH 22nd to 29th.
Hey, just trying to be helpful - “I’ve seen a plane goin’ into the local” is a bit of a challenge on a dark, quiet night :wink:

Lots of operations in and out of that airport are blocked lately for whatever reason.

I have clicked on more but that still does not show the Large corporate Jets from Whirlpool Corp that I watch go in and out daily

See my above reply.