Airport/Aircraft Remarks


So, this feature is pretty cool. However, I can’t find a way to delete a remark once posted. Is there any way to do this?


Coming soon!


alrighty, good! I posted a remark about a current NOTAM at our airport, and will need to delete it when it is canceled, once the delete function is up


OK. Be advised that the remarks are only available to you and your Flight Crews.


oh ok i didnt understand that. well i guess there isnt a point to me posting it then haha


Seems to be another bug in remarks.

First one added fine on … /KMBO/KPIB with the comment met another flight aware member. This worked perfectly.

Second one … /KSTF/KBTR and this remark appended to all of my flights.

I went back to the first flight thinking that me re-writing the first flight above would overlay the inadvertent entry, and no joy. It appended both remarks to all flights except for the most recent flight.


Another bug to add to the list.

Someway, somehow, when I look at the history of flights prior to 06/16/08 contain my remarks posted on my own tail number. I didn’t mess around or add any remarks to the N23979 number.

Checked other tailnumbers I have bookmarked and it’s affected those as well.

I can provide screenshots if needed.



I entered a remark on this flight: … /KLAX/KOAK

I then entered a remark on this flight: … /KOAK/KLAX

I started to enter remarks for the 2nd flight but noticed the remark for the first flight was there already.

Then, going back to the first flight, I found a number indicating a remarks for all flights of SWA829 beginning with the earliest flight shown (19 Dec 07) through 25 May 08.

On SWA230, the remark indicating is on all flights from the earliest shown (19 Dec 07) to 19 Jun 08.

The date time stamp on the remarks is “David Ross (damiross), Saturday (07/19) 15:08 PDT”


If it’s any consolation, I added a remark for my airport, and it’s only showing for that airport :smiley:


Thanks for the bug report, I just figured this one out. The “Attach a remark to this flight” feature only works for more recent flights in the database. We started assigning a new style flight id (an internal field in the database) as a byproduct of a recent upgrade to our back end processing, and the remarks system relies on this new style flight ID for attaching the remark to the flight.

The site was supposed to only give the option to remark the flight for recent flights which have this newer style flight id, but due to a bug that someone introduced :unamused: it was showing that option for all flights, even those which lack the flight id value.

When you added a remark to one of these older flights it had the effect of adding the remark to every flight which had no flight id. Not the right thing at all!

I’ve fixed the site to properly only allow remarks for flights that have the necessary field. At some point in the future we’ll be retroactively applying flight IDs to the historical flights in the database, but I don’t know what the timeframe is on that process. Until then, remarks for specific flights will only work on recent flights and of course any flights that take place on an ongoing basis.


Whatever you did fixed (and cleaned up) my problem. Thanks!


Looking good. There’s no indication of a remark on the specific flight but it does show a the top of the flights listing.This is a flight that I had attached a remark to. It shows up when the link is clicked but all segments of the flight are missing if you go click on “more past flights.”

Added remarks to these flights: … /KOAK/KLAX … /KLAX/KOAK