Is there any way that you could find and airport and then select a date. Ex. BNA June 20th 2006. What about on or any other websites that show airline photos??




I knew about that I just didn’t know if you could type in a date and the airport and have them pop up.


I don’t think so. It appears the photo date is not in a searchable field. I tried putting in an airport and the date and nothing appeared for that date. I entered just the date (e.g. “July 29, 2005”) and, unless nobody took a photo that day, nothing appeared.


Doesn’t seem to be an easy way at Some photos are simply dated as “2001” - some are dated “September 2001” and none are dated “September 11, 2001”.

But I found a little trick: :wink:

Do a year search with an airport and then go through the list and find one with any ol’ specific date (doesn’t matter what the date is at this point). Click on the “Cross Data Search” link in the lower right corner of the photo’s information box…

A new window will pop up - check the boxes for location and date - then click on “search with checked values”…

Now, go back to the original window and look at the URL…
Example: … 20/%20KLGA&datesearch=October%207,%202001

Keeping in mind that “%20” is a space, change the URL to reflect the desired date…

For December 23, 2003: … 20/%20KLGA&datesearch=December%2023,%202003

I get 13 hits for that date

Hope it helps…


Depending on the airport you’re looking for, you probably don’t need the exact date to do a thorough search if it’s recent. For example, if you really ARE looking for BNA, how many pictures do you think there are in the last 6 months? 100 maybe? Use the “limit” box to the left of the date to see 60/page to save time, and scroll for what you’re looking for.
Having said that, if you’re looking for a specific plane that was in, say, Heathrow in June of 2002: GOOD LUCK. I’m assuming you’re probably looking for something in the last month or two, right? Unless you select otherwise, they will be presented in order of their upload dates starting with the most recent. You won’t have to search too far if the plane you’re looking for was photographed.
Also, if you know the a/c type and/or airline, limit your search by that as well, to cut down on the hits you have to weed through.