Airline storage locations for the Zombie Snowpocalypse?

So my KPHL flight at 5:45 tonight was canceled at 2 yesterday afternoon. AAL isn’t going to want aircraft sitting on the ground in KPHL, KDCA, KCLT and anywhere else the snow is going to be the heaviest. Will there be a mass migration from these airports later today and if so, where to? KPIT? Any other larger airport that has had a decrease in service (KCVG, KBNA?) or are they pretty much just sitting the planes at an originating point outside the storm zone? We have any dispatchers here??

If you don’t mind, Jim, I’m going to post this for you over at the LiveATC forums. I believe there are some dispatchers there, if not some company feeds at various airports. I’ll post back here if I get a response.


During Superstorm Sandy US Airways and Jetblue sent a bunch of their aircraft to PIT. I’m guessing that will be a popular spot again.

Delta and their regional carriers have enough space at DTW, CVG, MSP, and ATL to put a fair amount of aircraft.

United will probably send some to IAH and DEN. They don’t have a lot of space to spare at ORD. They could also send some to CLE.

Florida may also be a popular spot - TPA has a number of hardstands and parking areas.

AA Ferry to PIT: … /KBWI/KPIT

Well, LOF had nearly every American Eagle A/C parked in STL. I’d guess Republic and Envoy did similar things by parking A/C in MX bases not impacted by the storm.