Aircraft type

All Nippon 203 RJTT - EDDF is operated (took off about an hour ago) on a 787. … /RJTT/EDDF

Well, probably it is not, as this flight progress doesn’t match any of the 17 ANA 787s when searched by registration numbers. That would be kind of strange in the context of the recent grounding of all 787s by JAL and ANA. This is an example where boring statistical data momentarily become important. I guess I will have to call dispatchers at ANA. Tough life.

*Thank you in advance for a suggestion to demand a refund for this shoddy service.

I had the same experience yesterday, landed in Istanbul and had to hold short of another runway on the way to parking while Turkish 1 departed. Later at the hotel I was curious as to where it going. JFK, as I suspected. This flight must have been one of those rare Airbus 777’s with winglets.

JA-716A which is a 777

Yes, indeed. Thanks for finding the #.

Airbus prefers the term Sharklet :laughing: