Aircraft Type DB Enrichment



I have been modifying the local interface and underlying java scripts to my taste, yet the aircraft static json files and dbloader.js are just confusing me :slight_smile:

I’m wondering if anyone can help me out with updating icao_aircraft_types.json to show the full Aircraft type rather than only ICAO type code.

Instead of showing B763 in Aircraft type, I would like to see Boeing 767-300.

Thanks for the help,
73, K7CSA


I guess focus and perseverance pays off. I managed to get sample data displayed on UI :slight_smile: by the following steps;

  1. Add a new data element to aircraft_types JSON file under db
  2. Modify dbloader.js to pull the new element from the JSON file and pass it thru to planeObject.js
  3. Modify planeObject.js to pass the received element to the presentation layer thru script.js
  4. Modify script.js to display the data as you like. I have decided to concatenate it with icaotype if the new data element that I called typeName is defined.

Now the challenge is to have the correct data :slight_smile:

Does anyone has aircraft type DB?


If you are using the dump1090mutability image you would have a db folder stored under the usr/share/dump1090mutability/html/db path. This folder stores the aircraft registration and type under the Country file. Under the type field you can put whatever you like in the field of which the markers file also reads.

For example an Australian aircraft is in the 7C file, where i can update to include a new aircraft that appears on my radar. The details in the db file are “6DE2”:{“r”:“VH-VZO”,“t”:“B738”}

So ICAO 7C6de2 comes up with a registration of VH-VZO B738 on the dump1090 screen as shown below

I could have called it Boeing_738 if i wanted but then i would also need to update my markers.js file to have that as well to draw my allocated SVG.


Thank you for the repoly @coxyb76
The reason I updated the aircraft json file with an additional field is basically to avoid updating every single aircraft entry as well the marker js.

Attached for your reference how my custom UI look like now.


What type of map is that?


Looks like IFR High. Check the map options on Flightaware live flight tracking.