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Aircraft seen decrease at south spain (lezl)

In recent months I have seen a significant drop in aircraft seen over the LEZL airspace.
Do you know if there has been any software modification after the last update to version 3.7.2 with the blue stick?
Is it possible that the air traffic has decreased in this area?

Thanks for your comments.

I always see a reduction as we go from summer into autumn and winter. There are just fewer aircraft in the air.

How big a reduction are you talking about and is it gradual or sudden?

It is about a 20% but I have seen that also the nearest receiver could have the same drop.


There are less aircraft in the air, that goes for all receivers.

Less aircraft, airlines as well as general aviation.

I’ve seen this for my receiver as well at the time the new winter timetable was activated.
And it’s happening to all receivers around me.

I assume it’s the normal development over time.