Aircraft position lost in close proximity


Equipment used, Flightaware Pro Stick Plus, Flightaware 26" 1090MHz ADS-B Antenna. Piaware v3.6.3

I use to use Virtual Radar and it worked beyond expectations.
Our location is right by the approach to the airport. Which is approx half mile North. and a mile from the airport.
Why is it since changing over to PiAware the track of the aircraft is lost about a mile either side of where we are? Virtual Radar never had that problem. Never lost any communication in any weather. When they passed the house, the map would show its position in real time.
Any comments appreciated, Thanks!


The pro-stick plus has an amp. You may be receiving too much signal and it is overloading the receiver.
(This is like listening to music too load). Try turning down the gain on the dongle(Search the forums as there are plenty of posts on this).
Some people have used two dongles, one for close range(low gain) and one for distance(high gain). You can use VRS to combine them.


And what kind of ADSB-receiver were you using as input for Virtual Radar Server?
I would suggest playing with Piaware’s gain setting if strong (nearby) signals are overloading the receiver.


have a look at this thread. plenty of info for what you need. be patient go trough all the posts.