aircraft overhead

I am new to this site so please bear with my ignorance. I live in a remote state, when i see aircraft overhead (which isn’t a lot, I live in North Dakota), I was wondering if i can use this site to see what kind of aircraft, destination, etc. Again, is it possible to come in the house, log on and see the planes that are above my location? thanks in advance, I appreciate the help.


Take into account the six minute delay in the data feed, that military flights are blocked and that some private owners have their registrations blocked from public viewing.

Easiest way to do this that I can think of is or another ND airport closest to you. Allowing for that 6 minute delay like Lancasterperch said, you should be all set.


Thanks folks.

Where do you live?

You can search for the airport nearest to you and also airports that are further out like 100 miles. Then expand the local map for those airports to see aircraft flying overhead. You can find your house by figuring out your position from the airport or the highways shown on the map. Remember there is a six minute delay so the aircraft won’t be overhead yet on Flight Aware.

I just pulled up Jamestown and there is a FedEx MD-11 (FDX12) crossing west of there right now. It left Hong Kong yesterday, stopped in Anchorage and is 1:45 to Memphis.

Don’t forget that a lot of the smaller airplane you see overhead are flying VFR, and are such not trackable on FlightAware.