Can I track planes on the flight path behind my house?


I live fairly close to a BWI flight path. I have a big window on the back of my house that overlooks the flight path. I think it would be neat to see a plane in the air (either taking off or landing) and look at the computer and see where the plane is going. Is that possible?

Is there a way to view flight information from within Google Earth. I would like to park google earth on top of my house and then look out over the horizon towards the flight path to match the view I have from the back of my house.


Click on the orange icon on the bottom right of the KBWI map, locate your house by freeways, and zoom in so you can see all the flights.

…but also note the delay in the data:

The data displayed on is typically five minutes delayed from real time.

So after you see a flight go overhead, you have several minutes to boot the old laptop.