AFL111 about to cross into Canadian airspace?

Canada closed its airspace to Russia “effective immediately” earlier today from what I’ve just read.

So then… what happens now?

There’s a clip of ATC on this on VASAviation’s Youtube page. what has happened was that they get a new clearance and reroute back out of the airspace either via CPDLC or on frequency.

As that clip shows, they (both AFL and ATC) are all very cordial, friendly, and helpful to/with each other, proving that the people are not the problem.


Yeah I listened to that, and neither crew will acknowledge the NOTAM on the frequency, then it seems like they go to CPDLC and—for AFL111—they declared themselves as a humanitarian flight per Nav Canada below.

AFL157 got its original clearance cancelled, and they were rerouted out of Canada’s airspace, only to later violate the Danish ban over Greenland’s airspace.