adsb Spy send data to flightaware

I am running adsb spy to decode traffic received by a airspy on a windows 7 box. How can i set it up to send the data to flightaware? happy to run some other utility that can make this happen if required.


Take a look at

Scroll down to “Connecting an existing ADS-B Receiver” - this should help point you in the right direction.

Thanks you Simon, that is very helpful. Downloading PlanePlotter as we speak …

73 de kc1ccr

Airspy through dump1090 will use the FlightAware MLAT system.
Airspy through Planeplotter will use the Planeplotter MLAT system.
The main difference is that Planeplotter is for windows based systems and dump1090 is for linux based systems.

We do give discounted and free Planeplotter licenses to Airspy receivers if you are going to feed FlightAware.
Click on the link that you have a receiver and note that you have an AirSpy and want to feed FlightAware.

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